Unisex Merge 4 Elephant Sock
Unisex Merge 4 Elephant Sock

Unisex Merge 4 Elephant Sock

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42% Cotton
48% Polyester
7% Nylon
3% Lycra

Inside Quote: "Mediocrity is the elephant in the room" (KEVIN SPACEY)

There's an old saying from out east of the north country, beside the two hills that smelled like garlic. It's funnier if you were actually there, but the closer you got to the zoo near sunset, is when the colors on the elephants look frikken crazy. Pink "elee's, purple "elee's" ... grab a stoll with a seatbelt before Bad Otis Link's colors and art grab ahold of you too.

  • Combed cotton
  • Terry looped foot, heel and toe for more cushion and an extra plush feel
  • Athletic ribbed
  • Mesh vents
  • Self adjusting welt cuff
  • Reinforced heel & toe elastic arch support
  • Hand linked seamless heel and toe closure
  • Y gore seam
  • Deep heel pocket
  • Signature logo 10' - 12'


Large: 9-12
Medium: 6-8.5

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